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Heather J. Vaughan



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Heather is known for her compassion towards her clients, her pragmatic approach to resolution of litigation matters and her keen sense of humour.

Practice Areas

Insurance Litigation

Personal Injury Defence

Professional Regulation


York University, B.E.S. (1996)

Osgoode Hall Law School, LL.B 1999

Professional Affiliations

Law Society of Ontario

Canadian Defence Lawyers Association

Canadian Bar Association

Ontario Bar Association

The Advocates Society

DRI – Voice of the Defense Bar

Woman’s Law Association Ontario

Notable Past Accomplishments

2022 - Chair, Insurance Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association

2017 - The Certificate in Adjudication for Administrative Agencies, Boards and Tribunals, Osgoode Hall Law School

2016 – Heather was one of the founding members of the Woman’s Caucus of the Canadian Defence Lawyers association and served as chair of the section from 2018 – 2020. She served as chair of the inaugural CDL WC Woman’s Caucus Retreat held in Niagara-on-the-Lake in 2022.


Heather J. Vaughan attended Osgoode Hall Law School and obtained her LL.B. in 1999. She is a partner at the law firm of Benson Percival Brown where she started her career as an articling student.

Heather’s insurance defence litigation practice includes the defence of motor vehicle liability claims which vary in scope from maintaining threshold defence positions to managing complex and catastrophic personal injury claims.

She defends claims against daycares, long-term care facilities, private schools, as well as professionals such as teachers, physiotherapists, pharmacists, nurses, and psychotherapists.  She defends and prosecutes negligence claims by and against builders, suppliers, and installers involved in the construction of residential and commercial projects.

Heather acts as Tribunal Counsel to the Complaints, Discipline and Qualification and Registration Committees of the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO).

Her administrative law practice includes advocacy before tribunals such as Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT) and the Human Rights Tribunal (HRTO), as well as representing regulated health professionals in the complaints and discipline process before their respective Colleges.

Heather has had the privilege of helping many pharmacists deal with complaints and discipline matters before the Ontario College of Pharmacists.

Heather J. Vaughan
2024 LEXPERT-ranked Lawyer

Notable Decisions

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